Lifetime Memberships are here!

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What’s the Lifetime Membership?

The Lifetime Membership is a one-time due of $500 that lasts your lifetime. It’s a great option for those who do not want to have to remember to renew every year or so or those who want to gift a membership to the younger generation. The dues get distributed the same as the regular memberships: $200 to the national organization, $200 to the current local division, and $100 to the Gordon Scottish Heritage Charities Fund.

What do I receive for the Lifetime Membership?

Being that we are a charity organization our first and foremost priority is to promote the House of Gordon and it’s charity. That being said we want the Lifetime Membership to feel a little more special since it is a large chunk all at once. Therefore you will receive: a special Lifetime Member Certificate, a Lifetime membership card, a Welcome letter from the current President of the House of Gordon USA, a House of Gordon Postcard, a Gordon pin, and a Challenge Coin. This is in addition to the two annual national newsletters that all current members receive.

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Lifetime Membership Package
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