2022 Scholarship Recipients

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2022 Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship Winners

We are happy to award the Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship to Vanessa Sharpe and Travis Greer.

Every year The House of Gordon USA awards scholarships through the Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship Program to two lucky individuals who wish to further their studies and training in the Scottish Arts, including but not limited to: piping, highland drumming, highland dance, fiddle, heavy athletics, and Gaelic language study.

This year we had few applicants. We did have two outstanding individuals that the Board was excited to sponsor.

Vanessa Mhairi Gordon Sharp

Vanessa is about to finish her first year at Mississippi College where she is studying linguistics. She recently for out she has been accepted a Gaelic Immersion course at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. This year-long program will allow her to develop advanced Gaelic language skills, as well as acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of Scottish Gaelic language, culture, and literature through advanced level Gaelic language immersion. We are awarding Vanessa a $500 grant.

Travis Greer

About six years, while researching an interest in strength sports, Travis happened upon Highland Game Heavy Athletics. From there he educated himself on the sport and began training. He’s learned all the different techniques needed to be a fine heavy athlete. Once he began competing it awoke a connection to the true spirit and heritage of the game. Travis is our very first Heavy Athlete to apply for our scholarship! We are awarding Travis a $500 grant.