Clan Maps

Below are clan maps of Scotland that highlight where the Gordon lands, castles and towers were located. For more information on the Castles, Towers, and Houses visit our Castles page.

A map of Scotland with different areas separating various clan lands. The Gordon clan lands are depicted offset with a black border and drop shadow.

The following clan maps show in more detail the locations of the various Gordon Castles, Estates, and towers. Some of the castles are still alive and thriving even now. See below for more information on those and be sure to visit their sites for more detailed information.

A section of the above map with locations of the following castles and houses pointed out. Gordon Castle, Huntly Cast, Auchindoun Castle, Aboyne Castle, Cluny Castle, Gight, and Haddo House.
On this clan map you can see the castle locations on Gordon lands in the Highlands area.
A section of the first map showing the lowland areas and the locations of the following towers and castles pointed out. Gordon Tower, Lochinva Castle, and Kenmure.
This clan map shows the castle locations on Gordon lands in the Lowlands area.

Plan your trips to visit the above castles by visiting their sites.