What to Expect at the Highland Games!

House of Gordon Tent

Welcome to the House of Gordon Tent at the Highland Games! This is where you come to meet family and friends! Get out of the sun, have a sit down, and SO MUCH MORE!

At the Clan tent you will find displays with information about our clan history and your heritage! Some displays will have posters, maps, pictures, books, swords, uniforms, tartans, and a guest book for you to sign in at! Every tent is hosted by your local convener or convener’s assistant.

Some tents may also have a Wall Of Honor that honors our members who are or have served in the US Armed Forces! We also honor the Gordon Highlanders, who Winston Churchill called “The finest Regiment that ever was!”

House of Gordon Sign Up Tent Display
Shortbread Cookies and Whiskey

One of the best things about the Clan Tent is FOOD! At most games there will be some refreshment available to members at the tent. There may even be some Girl Scout shortbread cookies if you are lucky! Since Daisy Gordon created the Girl Scouts, we try to represent!

See men and women throwing stuff! The Hammer Throw, the Sheaf Toss and the Caber Toss are just a few of the fantastic Heavy Athletic Events to see. Root for your favorite athlete! These events began as a way for our clans to choose their strongest and best men for leadership positions! Did you know that strength is not the most important factor in the caber toss? Balance, timing and knowledge of physics is more important! It is all about the technique! So what most people think of as a feat of sheer brute force is truly a test of canniness AND strength! These are just the beginning of what you can expect to see at the Highland Games.

Heavy Athletics
Historical Re-enactments and Vendors

… with long lines!
You will be able to find so many things from tee shirts to stained glass and carved horns! You can also find bagpipes, chanters, bodhrans, kilts, sporrans, and all kinds of highland gear and Celtic jewelry!


You can find ladies spinning, knights in armor, regiments encamped, storytellers… and displays from the 7 Nations (Celtic Nations that is!) like an Asturian Cider Tasting from the Celtic Region of Spain.


Highland Cows (or Hielan Coos) are highlighted at some events. And many times you can even get highland beef to eat too. These animals are hairy — not furry and both the male and female of the breed have long sweeping horns.

Border Collies will be demonstrating their ability to move sheep just about wherever they want! Did you know that Border Collies are considered the most intelligent of all dog breeds? They are also among the oldest breeds.

Highland Coo and Sheep Dog Demo
Pipers, Drummers, and Dancers


You will see pipers and drummers in competition and at massed bands. Pipers at the clan tent, and leading the clan in the parade of tartans! And Celtic Rock Bands performing on stage and at the pub tent!

You will see Highland Dancers in competition, exhibition, and at the clan tent. They will be dancing The Sword Dance also known as the Ghillie Callum, The Highland Fling (maybe to the Marquis of Huntly’s Highland Fling), the Seann Triubhas, the Strathspey, the Reel, the Hornpipe, the Jig and many more! You will see them in Kilts and waistcoats, or in Aboyne Dress (named for our Chief’s own Aboyne Highland Games).


You can expect to see the Parade of Tartans and maybe even a Clan Chief, like our own Granville, Marquis of Huntly, the Cock of the North Himself! Show up early to the tent and you can join along in the fun! The more the merrier!!!

House of Gordon Parade of Tartans