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2012 AGM

Welcome to the House of Gordon USA 2012 AGM!

Minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting 2012 (AGM)– read the minutes

Treasurer’s Report — Read the Report

Membership Report — Not available

President’s Report — Not available

Convener Chair Report — Thanks, Lois Todd, for giving me an opportunity to put my report on the website.  It seems the more we try to hold things together with our Conveners, the more they move around.  Colorado is a good example.  The state festivals were convened for a brief time by Sean Gordon, son of Lynne and Woody Gordon.  When Sean had to step down recently, we were fortunate to find two great guys, Fred Anderson and Randy Walker who have agreed to pick up the reins and handle this important state.  No, not as “co-conveners” (a title you won’t find me using anywhere that I am charged with) but working on separate duties within the state—Fred as Convener of the all-important Estes Park Festival and Randy convening as many of the other festivals in Colorado as he can.  Of course, we will help them all we can. Read more…

Communications Committee Report — This past year I moved the Annual version of In the House! to a smaller size to save money in the printing and mailing costs. The smaller size brought the project in at $1.24/each which represents a 50% reduction in printing costs per magazine. Envelope costs were approximately the same so the savings on mailing was not as great, but the cost of postage was less, so still a good amount of overall savings compared to past years. Read More…

Scholarship Report — The process for the Scholarship application was moved to open on November 1st annually with submissions closing on March 24th this year.  The announcement of recipients went out on April 2nd in time for Tartan Day Celebrations kicking-off the main festival season nationwide. This worked well giving us plenty of time to get the information to our conveners and online.

This year we were faced with a particularly difficult choice in that we had so many outstanding young people apply. The scholarships were voted on by the board based on need and the dedication and qualifications of the applicant. Read More…

DNA Project & Fund Report — The project currently has 437 members participating up 139% over last year’s number!

Our article in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy (JOGG) has been published:

The Evolution of the Gordon Surname:  New Insight From Y-DNA Correlations and Genealogical Pedigrees -Tei A. Gordon and William E. Howard III
It can be found at:

The journal edited out much of the ancient genealogical information we had on the Gordons, including various origin theories.  Edited out was detailed information on the Seton-Gordons, Septs, the Swinton Theory and other topics that would likely be of interest to the House of Gordon. The full un-edited version of the article is available on the House of Gordon Virginia Genealogy pages.

Top Row — Gordons on Parade!
Middle Row — Showing off the Gordon Goddess Tee; Members enjoying the hospitality tent; Miss Evelyn and Lu man the clan tent.
Bottom Row — And then the rain came! Thank goodness it was a quick moving front and dried in time for Our Relay Team to WIN!

Photos Copyright 2012 Lois M Todd: All Rights Reserved, used with permission.