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Welcome to the
House of Gordon USA!

We are the families of the Scottish Clan Gordon in the United States of America. Our mission is to preserve
and promote our unique heritage and Celtic culture, as we enjoy the fellowship and support of family and
friends. Come Join Us at the Gordon Tent!

The Gordon name is synonymous with the rich history of Scotland and dates back to the 11th Century. It is a
name to be proud of and deserves your interest and support. The Board of Directors of House of Gordon USA
invites you to join our Clan Society.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to create, stimulate and sustain an interest in
Scotland, its history, traditions and culture; to bring together people of Gordon heritage; to
promote goodwill and understanding among its members and the general public; and to perform
charitable works.
The “Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund” provides scholarships to aid our
youth in further studies of the Scottish arts and education. Our Scotland charity is the Gordon Highlander
Museum in Aberdeen, Scotland which tells the history of "the finest regiment that ever was." We honor the
men and women of Clan Gordon who are serving or have served in the defence of our nation with the Wall Of
Honor. We promote genealogical research, and the Gordon DNA project, host tents at various Celtic Festivals
& Highland Games across the USA and many other worthy projects which encompass our Clan Gordon history
and cultural heritage as well as providing community service.


In Honor of Tartan Day We Would Like to Congratulate our 2018 Recipients of
the Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship for the Celtic Arts!

This year we are happy to announce that we have awarded three scholarships to three
outstanding applicants. The Board had a very difficult time deciding on who to award our
scholarship to this year as we had several worthy applicants for our scholarship. Each one had
very real needs and each one showed an incredible amount of dedication and talent with clearly
defined goals. The Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship was founded at the 2006 AGM at
Grandfather Mountain Highland Games by vote of the membership and we set out the goal of
furthering the Scottish Arts and our rich cultural heritage by giving a helping hand to our youth
who wish to hone their talents and accomplishments in the traditional arts of Scotland.

The recipients this year have already begun shown a strong bent to perpetuate the Scottish Arts
though their goals of teaching, judging, and honing their craft to the highest levels and
.  We are very happy to award Henry Marshall of Dunedin, FL, Sebastian Argulles of
Houston, TX
, and Miss Cameron Reid of Loveland, OH our scholarship. For more on our fine
ecipeints, please visit our scholarship page.

The December newsletter link 12/21/2017
just went out to our current members emails!

THE CHIEF CAME To The 2017 AGM! 06/28/2017
July 6-9, 2017 @ the   Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.
The House of Gordon was the Honored Clan at the 2017 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.  
Check out the AGM page for a message from the chief, the AGM agenda and to the AGM reports!

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